Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Join

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How ou can help:
1) Spread the word to other GIIS QT/EC/Balestier parents
2) Subscribe to regular e-mail notification (above)
3) Join as a member of the blog who writes and posts.

Who can join (as a member who can post under own ID) ?
  • Parents/Teachers/Management of GIIS, S'pore, QT, EC, Balestier campuses, through invitation or word of mouth. (No students, nobody under 18 years old). [Updated on 9/11/2007: For Teachers and members of GIIS Management: We do not know for certain if GIIS/GIF restricts your participation, but we guess that it is so. We do not wish to risk your employment. So, please get clearances from bosses wherever needed, before you join this blog. Please try your best to convince GIIS bosses of the benefit of using modern IT and the role of blogs in modern schools. While we would love to have representation from all parties, we do not mind starting off as just a Parents Forum. --Ed 9/11/2007]. [Update 02/2008: We now suspect that teachers and PSG have been instructed to maintain a closed mind and ignore this blog. If this is really true, it is even more unfortunate - Ed.]

Why should I join as a member of the blog ?
  • So that you can post to this blog. Only members can post.
  • Being a member gives you voice as a customer and as a responsible member of the GIIS community. This forum is the best way to make your voice heard and contribute to the community. And, it is easy. If you already have a G-Mail account, you are almost there.
How to join:
  1. Read through current and past posts to be familiar with the forum. Subscribe to the e-mail notification feed (see above) to remain updated on new posts.
  2. Read and understand the rules that all posting members have agreed to. (If you disagree with any of the rules, you can tell us why. We want to be reasonable and fair).
  3. Sign up for a GMail or Google Account. (If you already have a GMail account, or if you have a Blogger ID on, then you are all set... just go to the next step).
  4. Write an email request to be added to the community. Proceed as follows:
    1. Click here to compose email (NOTE: NEW email ID).
    2. Be sure to include your GMail ID [Google Account email ID /Blogger email ID] in the body of the message.
    3. Send the email message.
      Please allow us some time to respond, as we may process these only once a week.
Thank you.

[If you face any problems joining or subscribing, post a comment under this. We will try our best to help]


FrenchFaster said...

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volunteering said...

I understand many problems are there and it is not easy job to solve. But if it goes at this rate it will be coming to march, april, and we will still be having many problems left. for me i was not expecting it like this .....

How to join as PTA volunteer? My daughter is in queenstwon. Can you please post email and mobile of contact person.
Thank you.

jaya said...

There is no PTA in most S'pore schools, of course USA and New Zealand schools have PTA, and Singapore usually has a support group called PSG which is not the same thing (except Tanglin Trust has a PTA if I am not wrong).

A parent who tried to volunteer into PSG 1+ year back told me here it is a closed group, very quiet and keeping a low profile.

so i think you are looking for a 'coffee morning'...or a 'moms club' type of group, am i right ? i think u should give this as a feedback to school.