Sunday, November 25, 2007

CBSE Sample Papers

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CBSE Sample Papers for 2008 (Std X)
CBSE Sample Papers for Std XII: Some Solved Papers CBSE (Std XII)

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GodParent said...

Dear Parents,

Please let us know whether any Parent can guide us in procuring the guide book for Subject :

Oxford's Enjoying Mathematics (Book 8) by Jose Paul


Orient Longman Maths Ahead (Class 8) 3rd edition (based on New NCERT Syllabus)

The guide book for Orient Longman Maths I beleive is written by RSAgarwal.

Kindly reply.

Warm regards


FrenchFaster Singapore said...

Any papers for CBSE French?

Nageeb, Frenchfaster

Anonymous said...

yes, u can find sample papers for cbse grade 10 in the following url:

FrenchFaster Singapore said...

Thanks a lot, I could find some sample French exam papers on the link provided:

Frenchfaster Singapore

Anonymous said...

Go to Indian School Bahrain's French Dept web site. Look on the left side for Class X, XII CBSE french sample papers.

Don't miss Class 10 exam material if you want a recipe for 'Kheer' - un Dessert Indien...

Bon Appetit !

(P.S. All Middle-East/Gulf Indian Schools are said to be so much better run than s'pore... if i sound jealous, yes i will admit that much, je suis jaloux !!)