Monday, November 19, 2007

Important e-mail addresses, how to send e-mail

[Updated August 2008: Sending emails to Principal, Chairman may get no replies but do not lose heart. PSG email would be the same. Even the PSG web page has been removed from the school website. This is to restrict parents to use MYGIIS only so that you cannot ever have email records or feedback or responses under your own custody. As MYGIIS is self-hosted by the school IT department they are able to delete your emails and erase the communication record at will. So if you have unresolved issues which are not of a private nature, feel free to use this blog].
Please support other parents and visit our HOME PAGE.

Additional direct email addresses we have collected are:
1. Atul Temurnikar, Chairman GIIS and GIF:
2. Finance Dept GIIS:

Dear parents, most of you do not like the GIIS policy of encouraging only myGIIS for communication. We want to use proper email from your own normal email IDs. With myGIIS, your hands are tied, as you cannot CC: or BCC: to any normal (public) email ID (like gmail, hotmail, or your company email ID etc). myGIIS is also "cleaned" up by GIIS by deleting certain sensitive mails, which happened in the past. But GIIS fears that openness. We can only advise all parents to keep their own email records.

To initiate any improvement, a large number of parents emails must reach the school authorities. These are the e-mail addresses to write to (source: school web site):


Copy to PSG:
East Coast:
Copy to PSG:

How to send a blog page as e-mail: Go to the page you want to send. Click on the e-mail icon (this: ). Fill the 'TO' Address taken from above. Fill your own ('FROM') address. Write your covering letter body. Click send.

  • Sending a copy to PSG is a good idea though they tend to ignore the really important issues.
  • Leave a comment in the blog after you have sent, saying "sent to so-and-so.." so that we avoid flooding them with too many copies (I think 2 or 3 for serious matters is not an issue).
Happy e-mailing folks!

E-mailing a page from this blog - In pictures

Step1. Click on the envelope icon

Step2. Fill form, click Send


Anonymous said...

Shame on behaving unethically with New Zealanders and betrying them in New Zealand through closing the school.

I compare this as a similar to Sayam's scam. thanks to unedejucated and money hungry people who worked unethically without objective in New Zealand. I must say in this occassations that GIIS motive is a Profit...profit. and cheating...cheating and cheating

GOD Bless and protect childrens and parents who are currently associated with GIIS worldwide campus from GIIS hidden cheating objectives.

Global indian international school is a best example of unethical & poor corporate governance in the world.

GIIS never ever honest with New Zealanders.

Anonymous said...

GIIS gave parents a very short notice to secure places in any other school. Also, no academic report was given to the students and this makes it worse to get admission in other schools.

Thank God, I am in NZ. If I would have been in India. I wouldn't know how to gain admission for my child in Std 4 without academic reports.

GIIS certainly wanted to do business on the name of school and Gandhi values. I should say GIIS is failure in the first world country and it is shame on the name of India.