Tuesday, January 8, 2008

IB Results of ACS(I) Singapore

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Reuters India has posted this report: Singapore school beats world in top test scores

Singapore's Anglo Chinese School (Independent) said it had nine students out of the 20 who scored perfect grades, among the 5,500 globally who sat for last November's exams.

"What is incredible is that this school did achieve such results with its first cohort," said Judith Guy, regional director of International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific.

"The IB can be a real challenge for students because they have to be all rounders rather than playing to their strengths," Guy said.

The school, to which Singapore's prime minister sent a son, said half of the 375 students who sat for the exams scored 40 points and above out of a maximum 45, making them eligible for entry into U.S. Ivy League universities or Britain's Oxford.

... Education in Asian countries such as South Korea, China, Japan and Singapore, is highly competitive as students vie for places in exclusive universities that are seen as a way up the economic ladder.

(Interestingly, there was an in-depth comment posted here today which seems to explain why GIIS IB results are still yet to be announced. Check back here for updates !).


clarity seeker said...

The discussion on results of ACS and attempt to compare them with the (undisclosed) results of GIIS throws light on quite a few things :-

1. Both the schools -GIIS in May 2007 and ACS (I) in Nov 2007 sent their first ever batch of students for the IB Diploma examinations.

2. GIIS advertised the IB graduation ceremony (celebrated even before the students took their examinations!) on the cover page of the annual magazine, omitting achievements and good work in other segments of the school but has not publicised its results even seven months after the declaration whereas ACS (I) details its results, within a day, with full statistics on its webpage – not advertisements on Channel News Asia – not omitting even the number of those who secured the lowest mark.

3. It would be unfair to compare ACS (I) with GIIS; the former has a tradition of good governance, proven excellence, a set of well paid and adequately trained teachers ( incidentally, ACS has 7 to 8 ex-GIIS staff including some at IB Diploma section) while the latter is bereft of all these.

4. ACS(I) admits students after they undergo a stiff competition; and once they are part of the school , good discipline, suitable atmosphere and good facilities- laboratories ,library, games etc., see to it that the potential of the pupils is fully converted into performance. GIIS also admits students after stiff competition. Yes, there is stiff competition between marketing departments of GIIS, DPS (and now perhaps NPS) to get the Indian students. So, while ACS operates in a sellers market, GIIS operates in a buyers market, with scant regard for quality. The quality gets further diluted a) when numbers increase, b) when library space is cut down to create classrooms to lodge more students, c) there is very poor attention paid to laboratory based learning and d) teachers of senior classes keep quitting school ,upset with poor pay.

5. The biggest difference, of course, is that ACS (I) seems to be academic driven and student driven with a set of programmes that are implemented after detailed planning while GIIS seems to be more intent on reacting to ‘perceived threats to its market’ and spends time, money and energy on attending to those.

Let us wish and hope that the good work done by this unofficial feedback mechanism( for a better giis) does something to improve the system

mr said...

Is anybody from GIIS or GIF or the high flying advisors listening?

Every word of 'clarity seeker's comments speaks volumes. But who is listening ? Anybody there ?

Concerned Indian said...

I wonder have they released the IB results in their internal publications at least? I really like to know... my office mate's daughter is joined IB in GIIS, I hope she hasnt made a bad mistake.

Anonymous said...

GIIS students pay around s$1000/month compared to ACS(I)'s s$350. ACS produced 9 45-pointers in its inaugral IB year, and 10 45-pointers this year. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The same ACS(I) is not only strong academically. It continues to beat GIIS in cricket every year, not to mention 'top boys school for sports and games'

Anonymous said...

i wonder if this comparison between acs and giis will lead us anywhere? i think it is unfair to acs to even bring it into the equation. u r elevating giis by taking its name with acs in the same breath.

ACS(I) Detail IBDP Results 2008 said...

Unfortunately comparison will be made by parents, whether fair or unfair.

No point to compare items and prices after purchase. So fairly or unfairly parents will compare before they decide.
ACS(I) definitely is strict on intake (part of why results are high) so GIIS can position to be a second choice for those in the next IB intake ? why not ?

Irrespective of whether results are good or bad, ACS(I) has the good point they will always publish detail results. This is the methodical part which is just good Singapore Quality practices. ACS(I) IBDP Results 2008 . GIIS according to Singapore Quality class should do the same thing. Even companies admit manufacturing defects to consumers. Another point is, some students don't do equally well in every school !

(I heard the argument that factories can replace defective goods but no such thing for students...but give me a break. The point is about quality practises to be followed)