Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Removal of the Transport Issues Page

[Update 1/2/2008: We have now restored the Transport Issues page. -Ed].

The "Transport Issues" page had to be taken down due to somebody using abusive language on it, on a comment posted earlier today.

The person may have been angry about bad transport service and may have wanted to vent. However, the language was abusive and ad-hominem, and no way helpful to solving problems. We wish the person had shown some restraint and maturity before clicking the button.

We apologize to all our readers, to the parents who helped to write the post and the other parents whose valuable comments had to be taken down with the page.

All freedoms come with responsibility. Certain behaviours encourage the development of authoritarian systems designed to limit those freedoms. That is not a desired outcome of this little experiment. And we will find ways to steer clear of any such disaster.

We are volunteers who maintain this blog in our free time. We don't have the time or budget to keep looking for destructive comments and weed them out. It is probably easier for us to just shutdown the blog or block all comments if the freedom is abused.

The comments written by you are your responsibility, but do not forget that you also have a responsibility towards the community. You have no right to wreck a community just because of your anger. (We all do feel anger at one time or another. We better learn to channelize it into more constructive energy).

If you are posting critical facts/opinions/views/analysis, we don't want to block any of it.
It is within your right as a consumer to do all of that. The "anonymity" in these cases is benign, as it protects you from being identified, swatted and silenced by the heavy hand of people who don't like your criticism.

However, if you abuse the privilege of that anonymity to abuse someone, they have as much right to recourse as you, remember. The distance between "anonymity" and "full disclosure" is a sub-poena.

So please keep decorum for the sake of others who wish to continue the discussion. Thank you for your co-operation. As usual, comments are welcome. Hope we can get on with the business of making GIIS a better place.
POLICY: Under normal circumstance the editors of this blog DO NOT edit or remove your comments. Your comment belongs to you and we are not responsible for it. However, under special circumstances the editors reserve the right to remove offensive comments.

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good work said...

My compliments to the blog author(s) for displaying the correct approach. The entry under reference was not in good taste and the decision to remove it was timely. By doing this, this blog's authors have once again proved their good credentials. I am sure that interested readers and users will take this message and restrict themselves to good, constructive but incisive comments