Sunday, March 23, 2008

Call for Documentation

Dear Parents and Well Wishers of GIIS,

We are seeking documentation relevant to the various issues being posted here. If you are in possession of relevant documentation (example: proving or disproving allegations of mismanagement or wastage) please share with us links or scanned copies.

[Updated 26/03/2008: As responsible parents, what we are looking for (with regard to the fee hike issue and also the general quality issue) is data on costs and revenue, including proof of cost escalations, and preferably breakdown into itemised cost, so that we can judge the arguments provided by Kaustubh Bodhankar, on the merits of each point. -Ed]

We welcome GIF or GIIS to present their own documentation in a like manner.

[We continue to welcome GIIS/GIF management to participate in this discussion. -Ed]

Important: Kindly ensure that personal or private information (if any) is blacked out/whited out before sharing your documentation. Please retain the original copies for your own reference as you may be called upon to produce the document in original form.

As part of the discovery process, we will try to verify whether received documents are authentic. However this is a very laborious process and we need your help as well.

Thank you in anticipation.

DOCUMENT #1: Termination Letter from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to GIF
[Question: Why is this relevant to the fee hike ? Answer: 1. It mentions school being run 'for profit'. 2. It has been verified as authentic 3. It carries the signature of the current Director General of Bhavan worldwide. -Ed]
This is a scanned image of a letter originating from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Mumbai) and addressed to GIEF (the old name of GIF). We have successfully established the authenticity of this letter with the kind support of the Additional Registrar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, who were very helpful to this bunch of 'green bloggers' trying to verify the letter. We are greatly indebted to the Bhavan for this assistance. Certified thus:
It is a true copy of the letter dated July, 6, 2006, addressed to The Global Indian Education Foundation(Singapore), 1, Mei Chin Road, Singapore 149253, signed by Mr.H..Dastur, Joint Executive Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.The letter is authentic. Mr.H.N.Dastur is currently the Executive Secretary and Director General of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, worldwide.
See our ARTICLE on this document. The document itself (3 pages) are at: PAGE 1 OR PAGE 1

COMING SOON... Watch this space.
GIIS QT 2006 Accounts Highlights (New 25 March 2008)
GIIS QT 2005 Audited Reports

Please add comments under this and provide us your links to documentation. Thank you.


Sreeram said...

This is sensational stuff!Fit enough to be passed on to various statutory agencies in Singapore and India.Circulate copies to all parents using whatever means.This unmistakably shows that Atul & Co are prone to hiding important information from stakeholders, given to untruth,exaggerate things in their favour and denounce people who question their methods.

What a shame! What a shame !

Pity us who have to put up with such a school ,in a place like Singapore where all other nationalities seem to get better options for their children.

The letter also shows the venerable Justice Dharmadhikari in very poor light.

Anonymous said...

I thought that this blog was for the betterment of the GIIS. Rather than try to bring the key issues to the fore front, looks like people are on a witch hunting of AT.Let us take constructive steps towards making the school a success rather than drag it into legal cases and put our children's education at a loss.

save GIIS from GIF said...

I think: this blog and parents have tried and failed to improve GIIS. As long as money is continuously sucked out from GIIS by GIF it will never improve. Problem is GIF. Reserves are suppose to be there, but where is it ? Maybe AT is not 100% responsible as you say, which means proof is missing ? But GIF is responsible...

I agree, that let us not drag GIIS SCHOOL (i repeat SCHOOL) into litigation. If GIF or AT has to litigate cos they got caught, they should do at their own expense, not school's expense which is the fees we paid. I want my money to be used for education, not to pay lawyers.

Just like NKF was saved, steps to be taken to save the GIIS SCHOOL so that our children's education will continue smoothly even if AT and family try to make a quick exit. They may think they have made enough and now run to save the skin... then where do we go ?

be discerning said...

For betterment of GIIS: YES,
For betterment of GIF: NO!
For betterment of AT & Family: NEVER!!

1. GIIS is not equal to GIF
2. GIF is not equal to AT & Family

Let us be discerning !

A professional management can run GIIS much better than AT & Family

Anonymous said...

AT or no AT, the school should be run smoothly. We are in for it, but we would not like the school to be dragged into litigations, whereby our children's education is at a loss. Litigations made on AT or GIF, should not have any impact on the school .

please protect it said...

I fully support above comment by Anonymous. School and school funds and children should be kept out of it. Education and the future of our children should not be at a loss. Authorities example High Commission should protect us and the education of our children.

Nexus said...

I am shocked at the impractical views and ideas expressed here. I am talking about OK for GIIS, NO to GIF and NO to AT. GIF is an illusion. How old is it? when did you hear of it? At first, it was the school that became Global. Then we were told that the Trust is now Global. So it is the school and the money frm QT that gave birth to GIEF ( now GIF).And who is the sole proprietor of GIIS? Atul A Temurnikar!So, to use a mathematical expression it is : GIF>subset of GIIS> subset of AT! You can't criticise/ hurt/ redeem/destroy/enhance/ameliorate one or two of these ,in exclusion. It has to be all the three!

Anonymous said...

The only request we parents have is please do not do anything that will harm the education of our kids. The kid's education is of utmost importance and will not support any action that can cause hurt to the very purpose.

support,please said...

This blog and its editors, in my opinion, have always acted very responsibly and sensibly. even while calling for documents ,they have called for documents which show the school in good light also. So, the fears of some people here are ill founded. But if you go about openly expressing concern about ' hurt to school, menaing injury to GIF causing harm to children's education', you are playing in to Atul's hands.He will create a split amongst us, divide us and we will be ack to square one. In any case, what great education are our children getting now? But for the fact that it is an Indian school and we have an Indian food stall and Gandhi at entrance, what have you got? Just to revive your memory,
1.The std X CBSE results of the school of the last two years will place it much below any school in nay metro or sub metro in India.
2. The results of the first IB batch have not yet been revealed to us, 10 months after they were published.
3.What were our results in UNSW? And how does it compare with the other MOE schools here?
4.The year 2007-2008 has seen two principals already.The KL, Tokyo and NZ school could not reatin the founder principals even for the whole of the first year of existance!
5.Students of the first batch of IB had such a binge of a party in March 2007 that they were hauled up by police for alcohol abuse
6.In Dec 2007, a std XI student of GIIS,QT was involved in a hit and run case in Chennai- he was driving a BENZ or a BMW and was driving the car at high speed under the influence of alcohol . He was a hostel student. And the hostel in no longer a hostel. It is a set of apartments with no security,no trained matron with inmates hanging out till 2.00 a.m.

All this and much more because there is no educational leadership and no intention to run a school.

The present heat should iron out things well, if pressed well. So, don't panic and support people who have taken up the cause on our behalf.

cut off the parasites said...

To improve GIIS, we have to agree that the current management of GIIS, have done a bad job and we need to fix it. If GIIS was doing a good job with our money, we would have no complaint at all.

The management of GIIS is by GIF and AT. GIF is not an illusion. It is a registered "charity" which is receiving funds from GIIS. AT is a paid employee, paid by you and me indirectly. Just like when NKF saga came out, the kidney patients were protected from harm and the culprits were punished. The same way our children should continuously be protected but fraudsters should not go scot free.

Today GIF has dug its parasitic roots into the heart of GIIS. Some of us when we see GIF and GIIS, think that GIF is vital to GIIS. It is really the other way. GIF needs GIIS more than GIIS needs GIF.

The 'mathematics' of GIIS being subset of GIF does not make sense. If I pay money to sustain Mr X, do I become subset of X ? Do I depend on X ? No. X depends on me, it is the other way. Call a parasite a parasite, and treat it as such!

When you weed out the parasite, you will see that GIIS can really be a good school. There is a lot of money with which good things can be done.

A said...

Want to correct one thing by one 'Anonymous' above. He says AT is the sole proprietor of GIIS. This is not true. GIF is the sole proprieter, not AT. GIF is a registerd society (self-proclaimed charity) and is bound by laws on charities which got tight over the years, by the way... this is AT's bad luck.

Even if AT was sole proprietor (to take the hypothetical case), parents getting cheated by the sole proprietor could approach authorities or certainly the Indian HiCom. CASE will definitely process complaints. You are only as powerless as you want to be !

B said...

Wait a minute. None of the documents above proves that AT personally did anything. Money went the wrong way, agreed. But no proof from the above so far that AT as a person did something. So where is the "witch hunt" ?

As a good parent I am interested in how the money got spent. Let us just focus on the mismanagement and try to understand why still more fee hike is needed if this is how it gets spent...

So what was the accounts for 2007 ?

i want to see 2007 report... PwC? said...

Regarding accounts for 2007 don't you think it is time ? Price Waterhouse Coopers (new auditors) should release genuine copy to parents. It is parents money being spent and we want to know how it was spent in 2007.

Anonymous said...

GIIS Hyderabad opening June 2009 :

GIIS Nagpur opening soon. Nagpur is afterall home town of Dharmadhikari,Temurnikar and Bodhankar. Expect more branches to open in India now.