Friday, March 28, 2008

Congratulations to NSO rank holder Arya Bhomick

Our hearty congratulations to Arya Bhomick (Std 3, QT campus) who has bagged the first rank (we presume, All India No.1) among Std 3 children who took the Indian 'National Science Olympiad' test in 2007.
(Read GIIS Newsletter No. 207)

Arya's parents said: "... we have always encouraged her curiosity and questioning nature."

We congratulate the parents for their dedication to education. We wish Arya and all the young, curious and questioning minds, the very best during their schooling years, and beyond.
[The baby picture (R) that we had posted first, is of Arya as a two year old. -Ed]


Mr. India said...

Well done Arya! Heartiest congratulations!

Beijesh said...

Wishes! And may the efforts continue. Will also be interested in knowing as to how many appeared form QT & EC, what was the average at various levels and how does this compare with leading CBSE schools not just in India but also those in Middle East and elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Arya & her family! Well done!

What about the GIIS overall results in Olympiad? This will help us to verify if the school is basking in the glory of one gifted child or it has really imparted some quality education/ support/ encouragement.

najib said...

I agree with above two commentators. One swallow does not make summer.