Friday, March 14, 2008

Dr Shashi Tharoor joins GIF's 'Presidium of Patrons'

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'Presidium of Patrons' is a uniquely GIF concept. [click link below for full newsletter]
Dr Shashi Tharoor joins GIF's 'Presidium of Patrons'
It says that "Dr Shashi Tharoor would be advising the foundation on the future projects in the Americas".

Does Tharoor know the true nature of GIF ? Or, is it a superficial association ?

See Tharoor's web site. It gives the following e-mail IDs:
for Press Inquiries:
General Info:
P ostal Address: Shashi Tharoor, c/o Editorial Offices, Arcade Publishing, 116 John Street, Suite 2810, New York, NY 10038

Our vision when we started this parents forum was to avoid sensitive GIF topics.

But we have now come to realize that these are very central to the quality problems. We need to engage not only the principals, but also GIF management, the advisors and the patrons. We also need to dig out factual data and analyse numbers. Please do your bit by writing to various advisors and patrons.


The Great Indian Story said...

It is not just this concept that is unique.GIF has the habit of getting signatures from people like Tharoor, Dr.Kalam or whoever Mr.Atul & co manages to buttonhole at some meeting or conference.A signature or a scribble from them will become a message to GIF! Read all the newsletters and brochures of the last five years and you will find a pattern.

As for Mr.Tharoor, who, incidentally became famous with his bestselling novel ' The Great Indian Story' some 18 to 20 years ago, he should be told about 'THE GREAT GLOBAL INDIAN STORY!'. The blog authors should studiously and fervently compile this Great Global Indian Story and present the e-copy to the new patron of the presidium !

Another unique feature is the number of high ranking bodies - 1) Presidium of patrons, 2) Board of Governors, 3) Board of advisors ,4) Academic advisors...added to that an International advisory board. Why so many? The idea is simple. You can't have a board of 30 people and the levels differ. Imagine Dato Seri, Narayanamurthy, Kohli, Atul, Harileela and Kaustubh ( yes he is one of the governors!) in the same room, discussion politics, IT, hospitality, management,marketing, money making ....and if time permits education and school management !! That will become another GREAT BOARDROOM STORY. So, the teams are split.This way, you can create one more panel, one more body. In fact, create a new body once a group reaches the number six. We should be proud to be part of this uniquely Global Indian experience.

Tharoor Not Involved said...

Update: Dr Tharoor is clean. He is NOT INVOLVED.