Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fee Hike: Actions Strategy

[ We congratulate the teachers of GIIS for the bold stand taken by them and what they have achieved by speaking in one voice. Teachers (who actually perform the service) and Parents (customers/sponsors) are elements that the management should take seriously. We hope GIF gets the message. The teachers have also set an example for the parents. ]
Proposed strategy to engage GIIS/GIF immediately for relief of fee hike, and to find a permanent solution to other problems:

1. collect and analyse data, share it fully and equally with parents and management
- In progress.
2. inform parents, allow open discussions on this blog, invite GIIS/GIF to the blog
- Invitations were sent.
3. run fee hike survey on blog, get 200 fully informed parents to vote by end of week
- In progress. Please spread the word.
4. form Googlegroups or other mail groups or neighbourhood groups of parents
- In progress, all parents to do more.
5. write letters to Principal, AT, KB, send blog pages as email using this blog's facility
- Some written, all parents to help.
6. -do- to Advisors, Patrons, board members, press/media in Singapore and India
- All parents to help.
7. Make phone calls to influential people in small groups of 4 or 5 parents and explain the situation and seek their help.
- Not started. All parents, please help.
8. approach CASE for immediate relief:
Request to CASE for immediate action:
CASE, as mediator in the dispute, should request GIIS not to hike the fee for the
GIRO collection scheduled for April 2008. This is because the proposed new rates are disputed and the hike has been timed to put parents at a disadvantage.
CASE engagement in progress, parents please contact raatdinraat@gmail.com

9. approach the Indian High Commission to immediately assign a mediator / observer. As this is a matter affecting NRI's / Indian diaspora, we would like to ask for an active role from the High Commission. We will draft a petition to the High Commission with sufficient signatures, but this will take time and the matter is urgent. Based on facts already uncovered here, we need the High Commission to intervene now.
- Not started. Help needed in co-ordinating this.

10. Request each GIIS campus to elect (not appoint) a representational PTA (Parent Teacher Association) with elected members from the body of parents and teachers. Several teacher representatives and parent representatives are needed based for different levels, subject matters, areas of expertise, neighbourhoods represented etc.
- To be done by blog authors + parents help. Teachers, we need your help too !

11. Set up a High Power Committe of all concerned parties, for permanent solution.
The committee may include PTA (representing parents and teachers), CASE, High Commission representatives (representing the interests of NRI's), Singapore authorities and current GIIS/GIF management.
This committee shall discover full accounts of costs (every detail to be scrutinized), determine essential and non-essential expenses, any malpractices or irregularities, and taking the 'non-profit' tag in good faith, determine and recommend what the optimum fees should be. After this problem is solved, the committee shall recommend structure, organization and process to ensure quality education at reasonable cost.
- To be done.

Please add anything that was missed out, or new ideas. Thanks to all who have contributed to these.


Girish said...

The nine point strategy seems ideal and advisable.But we would be fooling ourselves if we satisfy ourselves only with the 'fee roll back' which may or may not happen.You would rarely get parents together to speak and act, busy as they are with their own work.Fee hike has seemingly brought people together.So, this may be the right opportunity to bring transparency and givernance, higher levels of answerability, and if situation and circumstances permit, effect a change in the management's approach or the management itself

Anonymous said...

I have logded my online CASE complaint. Request all others to do the same...


Ravi said...

The various write-ups of the last three weeks and the hundreds of comments ( most of them well written) bring home the unmistakable impression that Mr.Temurnikar and family have been having a jolly ride, at our cost, in the name of education, Gandhism, Indian Values, association with big Indian names etc., Though nothing can justify the perfidy that has been and is being carried out in the name of non profit education/ foundation , I find fault with people like (late) L M Singhvi, Retd Justice C S Dharmadhikari ( who is supposedly related to the Temurnikars), Dr. M P Chhayya, Mr.Arjun Malhotra, Mr.Mukul Asher, Mr.Kohli,Mr.Narayanamurthy,Mr.Karan Singh,Mr.Harileela and the like. We understand businessmen and profiteers like Mr.Atul indulging in lies, subterfuge, slight of hand and what not to make money, whatever the cost. But why should these worthies whose names are listed above lend their lable and presence to fatten private purses?? Are they innocent or plain ignorant or.... they are also beneficiaries?? I am not counting people like Dr. Ashok Ganguly and Dr. Balasubramanian of CBSE in the above list. We all know the babu culture. Can the blog editors provide the addresses and e-mail IDs of these people for us to write to them??

Anonymous said...

Got the email address from here


Ashok Ganguly, Chairman,CBSE
Tel: 011-22467263, 22023737
Tel: 011-22520083

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the architect(s) of the 9 point strategy. I have been a teacher for one full year and my experience there has left a bitter taste in my mouth.
There is a lot which is wrong with that school. @ Ravi> Yes the powers that be have been fattening themselves up at the expense of quality education and Gandhian values. Parents and teachers need to let their ire be known. Both the children and the students deserve better.
Below are some of the specific problems:
1. during Badminton CCA, the children have to play inside the hot auditorium. The teachers have been requesting AT to get AC installed because one can't use a fan while they Badminton is on. He has turned a deaf ear. Do you want the children to fall ill?
2. the workload of the teachers has doubled but the pay hasn't
3. enough with all the annual days - can't you invest more in books / better labs / workshops for students and teachers / regular cleaning of the toilets?
4. why do some teachers get their entire variable pay back while others get zero? you dont have the right to keep that money anyway. You deduct a couple 100 on top of the meagre salaries that are given and yet you dont want to give it back because some ladies can't serve the 4 month notice period?
Do we have to fight for what is righfully ours?
Parents, there are some teachers who got the entire variable pay because the entire decision lies with AT. Contract be damned! Don't the rest of us have families too?

A lot of teachers leave for local schools, independent schools. Do you wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I have logded my online CASE complaint. Request all others to do the same...


Hi, i wanted to do that but was waiting for something concrete to happen for supporting my petition. Like i have already pulled my kid out and waiting for them to return the deposit. Bodhankar told us during the last meet that the committee suppose to meet on 25th march to decide on whether and how to return the deposits. If in any case GIIS is not going to refund then i got solid reason to file a CASE against these guys.
Can u kindly let others know on what reasons did u file a CASE against GIIS. This could help us to expedite the process and voice out together.

cahoots said...

URGENT: Do NOT send email to Dr Ashok Ganguly. It is not only useless, but he will probably just forward it to AT !
(based on info last year from some parents in Japan, existing school in Japan got sidelined by CBSE acting in cahoots with AT).

beware said...

Don't ever make the mistake of writing to Dr.Ashok Ganguly, Chairman. It is widely known and well known that Mr.Ganguly is very close to the Temurnikar family and instrumental in granting affiliation, rather quickly and out of turn, to the KL, Tokyo and East Coast school, the first two in person and the third through his 'chamchas'. I am told that among the CBSE officials in Delhi and among CBSE school principals, it is a common joke that the chairman will do anything for the Temurnikars. It is anybody’s guess as to what transpires or what exchanges take place. But the chairman of CBSE is not a man who can get us justice. On the other hand, your e-mail/fax will land in Queenstown office within minutes and your kids will face the music!

Can you imagine a CBSE chairman openly and brazenly doing video shoot in the corporate advertisement clip of the school? ( watch the video on youtube : http://youtube.com/watch?v=CeFuAJuIgJQ ) . The 5minute 30 seconds video features him for 30 full seconds ( 4:07 to 4:37 of the tape) and poor Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam gets relegated to a few seconds.

case points said...

Re: CASE Complaints, you have 3 ready points

1. Suddenly raising the fees excessively (more than 5% means excessive) in March without acceptable justification and expecting parents to start paying new rate from April. This is forcing you to withdraw and you are worried about losing deposit.

2. Making excessive profit on transport. Just compare with local schools transport(not subsidised).

3. Selling low quality notebooks at much higher price than high quality notebooks locally available.

Add anything else specific to your case.

ParentsGroup said...

Dear All,
If you have any confidential info and you would like to share please send it on RDR account urgently.

gang-gully said...

Check this link on Dr Ganguly's view of education.
The indiatime.com reporter's writing is witty and sharp. Have a break from this serious thread.
IndiaTime.Com Parrots and Pierrots

masquerader, a made up buffoon

Watching CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) chairman, Ashok Ganguly, at his press conference yesterday, I realised that the main problem with our whole education system is the leadership at the top. And as he spoke about the latest CBSE results, Mr Ganguly gave many glimpses into the shortcomings of that education system (No, I’m not speaking about his grammar - that has to be a shortcoming of the education system of 40 years ago).

Time and again, the CBSE chairman seemed to highlight the number of marks, percentage points, how many above 90%, how many above 95%, etc, etc. (8000-plus students abobe 90%, 500-plus above 95%). That kind of statistics hides the real issues that plague our system. All it tells you is 8000-plus CBSE-system students have good rote memory, that’s all.

Anonymous said...

Re: Parents Group (RDR)

What kind of confidential info you are looking for?
eg. 1)emails between school and parents.
2)any fees records/ invoices
3) Transport issues
4) Registration fees? Deposits given to the school

info said...

Now that RDR ( with the blogname Parentsgroup) has met KB, revealed his identity and apparently is not afraid of backlash ( pressure on his child{ren}), can he oblige the blog users with his name and contact number? There may be things that we can't mail but wish to tell. Secondly, we will be reassured that RDR is not a GIIS/GIF plant operating on their behalf

B said...

You can always write to RDR, he has posted his email.

He probably has the same problem, if somebody emails him or calls him he is not sure if the caller is a GIIS/GIF plant or GIF hitman. Don't make his life worse. He is also just a parent like any of us.

I suggest RDR not to post his contact number.

gtalk said...

if you only want to speak to somebody, you can use your GMail ID to googletalk with them.

Of course, they should agree.

Anonymous said...

no cooments since last 2days. Where is Bala and RDR. Please post the news if you have any

K Bala said...

Dear Anonymous, please do not wait for Bala or RDR but take action in your local groups. You already have the blueprint for action.

Anonymous said...

1) so is anyone getting help thru CASE complaint ?
2) can CASE not reveal ur childs name or details to managemnt?
please answer on both. thank you