Friday, March 14, 2008

GIIS opening in Vietnam

[With various Singapore campus issues related to teaching, other surveyed topics, infrastructure and transport continuing to be ignored or pushed under the carpet, this talk of more 'horizontal growth' is not making any parent salivate. This, by the way, includes even the PSG appointees who will privately admit as much ! Cost increases have already been alluded to in the 'fee hike' mail from Kaustubh Bodhankar, and this will only make it worse. What is the guarantee that the Vietnam venture will not become another Auckland ?
So, we demand that GIIS Singapore principals and GIF work together giving first priority to delivering the promised quality for GIIS Singapore. This, before anything else !
We had already suggested as early as November 2007, that 90% of the fees collected should be spent locally, which would then make the GIIS schools not-for-profit, and at the same time help to improve infrastructure, teaching and transport by proper allocation of funds.
- Ed 15/03/2008]

Reported in VN media. [click link below to read full article]
GIIS Opening in HCM City, Vietnam
04/03/2008 (GMT+7)VietNamNet Bridge – Singapore-based non-profit organisation Global Indian Foundation announced it plans to set up a school in HCM City in collaboration with the Sai Gon Star International School.....

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Mathematician said...

The editor's recent note on ' horizontal growth' and plea for spening 90% of Singapore income on Singapore campus schools are indeed suggestions made in good faith,but given the present record of GIIS and GIF, it is likley to be futile.

These are our views.
One, a quick back of teh envelope calculatiosn will show you that less than 48% of QT fee is spent of QT school - salaries, rent, cleaning,maintenance, administration costs- all included. The salaries and perks of big non-academic bosses, including those in Mumbai, takes a big chunk and this is also included in the above.So,the remaining amount gets transferred to the foundation you know-for-what!

Two, notice that transport is not included in the above beacuse transport is a revenue making department. According to some reliable estimates, for the year ended 31st Dec 2007, the income to school through transport is alleged to be in the range 400,000 to 450,000 Sing dollars per year.Contrary to claims nade by the school, T&G gets paid not by the number of students but by the capacity of the vehicle- 12 seater, 18 seater,30 seater and 45 seater.This is what we understand from other schools and by ntalking to people who run vehicles on sub-contract to T & G.T&G does not own or operate all the vehicles. Most vans and buses that carry our children are on sub-contract and hence the frequent changes of vans, drivers and bus aunties! So the recent hike, despite a slight hike in monthly rates for vans,will only increase the profit margin.

Three, all these apart, there has not been a single consistant effort made by GIIS to show that the quality of teaching or quality of operations is improving. All additions to advisory board, all these conferences are just part of newsletter/ZEE TV/photo shoot show blitz.If any of you have seen any improvement in any academic issue- not instances of tokenism- please let us know. After all, this school has not yet told us what are the results of the first set of IB Diploma students even a good eight months after the publication of results!

So, forget 90% being spent here. It is about half of it now. Let us work towards 70% of revenues being spent here. That will be a 46% increase in channeling resouces to where they should be spent! (70-48=22; {22/48}x 100=46%).