Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GIIS QT 2005 Audited Accounts


These are scanned parts from apparently authentic Audited Reports for year 2005 (available as PDF on the internet. Links below:)

BGIIS QT's Audited Report for Year 2005

GIF's (then known as GIEF) Audited Report for Year 2005

We welcome and request GIIS/GIF to authenticate or refute the data.
[ Anyone who has objections to the scanned pages appearing above: please express and explain your objection through a comment. We have posted the scanned pages here as the original document is on an internet website which sometimes appears very slow or dead. We would like to be able to discuss the data without violating anyone's rights -Ed]

A request to all commentators: Please avoid personal attacks in this forum. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This 2005 report is signed by directors and auditor!!! Bus fee collection 1.48 million, bus payment 1.235 million. Means 20% profit on bus!!!???

Anonymous said...

If you see 2006 figure, Bus fee collection S$2.4 million bus payment S$1.38 milion, more or less 50% profit on bus.

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah kya Raapchik audit report hai....ekdum Jhakaas bole to first class. Now where is AT and his chamcha's? What more proof do you need? Raja Bhoj himself descended on this blog to publish your Schools Audited Annual reports.

Shame on AT for for getting GIIS collect fees on TnG's behalf....you not only made profits from Schools, but stepped on a trasport operator and its employees rice bowl to profit from its operations too..

K Bala said...
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