Sunday, March 2, 2008

Higher Education in India, GIF to operate in BOT model ?

Better higher education will change lives by Shashi Tharoor. On the shortage of quality in higher education in India. "We do not have enough professors, researchers and scientific scholars in our university system, and we do not make it attractive enough for others to join their ranks. As it is, many qualified teachers are leaving university jobs to join the remedial institutes set up by private companies, where the conditions and the rewards are much better. If private-sector higher education came in, it would once again help make the academic profession the prestigious and well-remunerated career that it is in the West...."

NRI foundation moots BOT model for education The country's education system should be allowed to function on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model to attract greater private participation, suggested Atul Temurnikar, chairman and CEO of Global Indian Foundation (GIF). GIF, a non-profit foundation set up by NRIs, is eyeing tie-ups with Indian partners interested in setting up world-class educational institutions...

The Chairman has stated that the potential for education is huge in India. GIF is eyeing this opportunity through tie-ups. Should GIF approach this in a non-profit manner, or should GIF use this opportunity to profit through these tie-ups ? Can such profits be put to good use to improve quality or reduce fees in existing GIIS schools ? Discuss your thoughts and opinions on this.


Pankaj said...

The author of this insertion must be a very innocent,nice man. I read this article in Hindustan Times and these are my views.
1.The Chairman of GIF goes to India and speaks to the Media about Indian Education and HT publishes and article!Because the GIF cHirman is teh head of the Knowledge Commission or some such thing? No way. This article, like many others, is probably paid for ( like the NEWSWEEK articles!)by the marketing and advertisment dept., of GIF to attract prospective promoters for their co-managed schools programme.
2.GIF does not run non-profit schools to become a model for others. If this blog authors buy the theory that GIF is a non-profit,please seek views from all concerned and you will get the results. All of know what we are talking about.
3. GIF is unlikely to get in to anything that does not get money.
4. On a totally different issues, what drives the present GIF, which is not NRI run but run by just a particular family, are two things. One, money. Two, spread to all countries just as Pepsi and Cola are sold and call oneself as a foundation with 'xx' number of schools in 'yy' number of countries. Such is the mad rush to start schools that GIIS,Auckland, which started in March/April 2007, officially and publickly announced closure in Dec 2007!! Two weeks later, GIF annouce that oit is not closing as some parents have decided to help it stand on its feet!
5. In short, it is case of thoughtless, unplanned expansion with little attention to quality.

truth will come out said...

So far main financial 'sponsor' of GIF is GIIS schools (mainly Queenstown in FY 2006). For FY 2006, QT GIIS school paid S$1.9 million to GIEF Ltd (company name in 2006 was Global Indian Education Foundation Ltd). This is extra over footing of bills. EC school did not pay to GIF in 2006 but may have paid in 2007 onward. GIF is sucking the blood of GIIS schools like a leach.

Anonymous said...

If the schools in India are approching GIF for tie-ups , it is after they have acertained the quality. I have tied up with them and see them as a professional group . Their quality is exemplery. They have received 2 quality awards recently. The blogs can't wipe the good image of the foundation.

Anonymous said...

Previous Anonymous commentor :
Since you have tied-up voluntarily with GIF, you need not be shy of identifying yourself.

As for the quality awards, here is a press article/comment : "xxx is the First Indian BPO to win the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in the “Large-Scale Service Industry” category instituted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It also won the Golden Peacock National Training Award 2007. Additionally, xxx BPO is the world’s first eSCM capability level 5 service provider, a certification given by the IT Services Qualification Center (ITsqc) at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh."

No prizes for guessing xxx !

Anonymous said...

I am stopping all further discussions since this appears to be a one-sided blog.

The company in question i.e Satyam is just one in thousands. Also Satyam received awards for quality and recognition for complying with standards. Its quality was indeed very good. We are not here to check why the auditors didn't do the their job ?

Secondly a national award is a national recognition. We understand the importance. Just one blog talking negatively about GIF will not make a difference.

Thanks and Bye..

Parent-Not-Buyer said...

Thank god there cannot be a thousand Satyams. One is enough.

From Satyam Scam :

"Bank statements show that Satyam had funds of over Rs 5,000 crore as of September 2008, but by January 2009 when company founder Ramalinga Raju admitted to fudging accounts the IT firm could have been left with just Rs 200 crore of maturable fixed deposits."

The name of Satyam means "Truth". It should be called "My experiments with Truth".

Of course, Satyam's quality of delivery may have been good ! Its customers may still want to do business with Satyam. The same way GIF may be providing a good "brand name" to the unbranded Indian schools which tie up with it. After all, these are schools which are lacking in ANY brand whatsoever, and a "Singapore brand" will be much sought after. GIF is just capitalizing on "market trends", and that is possibly quite alright !

That will be a case of willing buyer, willing seller. You claim to be a willing and eager customer of GIF. And we are parents, a non-party to this deal !

And, having bought the "GIF" brand, you are worried about the quality of the brand you paid money for, and you naturally want to protect it. Now, don't ask parents of GIIS Singapore to keep their mouths shut just because you paid a few lakhs for the brand.

You are not a parent. That is why you don't care about the quality of teaching at GIIS or about other matters affecting parents. And then it is no wonder that you complain that the comments here are one sided !

If you are not happy with whatever brand names you bought, just return it to the seller and ask for your money back, please don't tell parents to shut up.

A Parent

Anonymous said...

Agree with the 2nd from above writer that "auditors didn't do the their job". That is one part of the problem.

But when he says that "We are not here to check why the auditors didn't do the their job" ---- disagree. That is the second half of the problem !

This is the moral from HBOS sacking and gagging bank risk whistleblower :

.... Mr Moore said that he warned HBOS it was growing too fast, warned that it was culturally indisposed to being challenged and ....

....He also said that he told the board the bank needed to slow down but that he was over-ruled by the then finance director when he tried to get his views put in writing in the board minutes.

....After being sacked he went to an industrial tribunal, at which point HBOS settled for "substantial damages".

.... "I was subjected to a gagging order but have decided to speak out now because I believe the public interest demands it," he said in the submission.

Satyam also had similar warnings inside and outside which have come out now in the open.

Moral of the story: Public interest is million times more important than the private interest that is, profit motive.