Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to Mr GSS Rao as new Principal for QT, Mr Gomez for Balestier

[Update 16/04/2008: We had expressed hope for improvements, and two months have passed which saw a few cosmetic re-arrangements, some worsenings, and no addressing whatsoever of the fundamental issues raised. Have we come to a stage where the Principal simply does not matter any more ? -Ed].
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On behalf of all parents, we are happy to welcome Mr GSS Rao and Mr Winston Gomez as the principals of Queenstown and Balestier respectively. We look forward to improvements.
Below is myGIIS mail on this from Atul Temurnikar, 15/2/2008.

From : GIIS Announcement
Date : 15/2/2008 [dd/mm/yyyy]
Subject : Executive Appointments @ GIIS Queenstown & Balestier
Message :

We are pleased to announce Mr. GSS Rao would take over as Principal -GIIS Queenstown campus in Singapore , effective 3rd March 2008. The present Principal Mr. Winston Gomez, will move over to the 3rd campus and assume the role of Principal of GIIS Balestier campus.

Mr. Rao comes with over 20 years of administrative and teaching excellence and was recently the Director & Principal of the Presidency Group of Schools (Bangalore), which has 10000 students and 1000 teachers and staff members. Prior to that Mr. Rao has been with DPS schools for 18 years as Principal of its Indore school (4 years), Vice Principal of the Kuwait school (8 years) and TGT Physics at the Bhilai school (6 years)

Mr. Rao has demonstrated strong leadership and succeeded in having the Presidency school achieve the best results amongst all ICSE schools in Bangalore in the ICSE board exams. He was also awarded twice the Best teacher award for producing the highest aggregate at CBSE 12 in Physics, at the Kuwait school.

Effective 3rd March 2008, Mr. Winston Gomez, will take over as the Principal of GIIS Balestier campus. Winston is presently Principal of GIIS Queenstown campus and since 1st Jan 2008, he was Acting Principal of the GIIS Balestier campus. Mr. Winston would additionally be Project Director for the new GIIS schools coming up in the future. As Project Director, Winston would be in-charge of all aspects of schools’ implementations including systems and processes.


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Note: This email is sent on behalf of Chairman, GIF. Please do not respond to this email as it is unattended. Thanks IT-GIIS


Proper PTA or PSG needed for Balestier said...

Balestier urgently needs PTA. If school refuses to have PTA, the least you can do is allow better PSG than QT (EC PSG is the worst, it is just a cookery chit chat group).

Please look at DPS PSG, see how many parents they allow which even includes two Korean parents. According to DPS PSG web site they allow parents to join PSG freely, and not restricted or nominated like GIIS.

good head of school said...

I read the update of 14th April registering your disappointment over continuation of status quo and in some cases, worsening if the situtaion despite two change of principals in less than 12 months.GIIS management perhaps no longer believes in principals and have decided to run the school, rather schools, through a coterie.So when principals are given no powers, shielded from parents, they show their frustration on students. Lack of direct,open and sincere contact with the parents will render the principal ineffective and cut off from reality. Well, these are some reasons. Over and above this, if the principal, by nature, is not up to the requirements of the job, nobody can help it

Anonymous said...

Have you had a chance to view the annual day CD for the Balestier campus? Cant believe they charged us for something put together so badly (part of the blame rests with the shabby lighting they had at the event)!!
Let us hope the school uses a better speech-writer this year, rather than subjecting everyone to speeches than run for 45 minutes accompanied by the worst powerpoint slides I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Dont know reason, GSS Rao is such bad tempered and rude. Not good example to students and teachers.

eknath said...

Either GSS must have a low EQ. (or it may be the role he has to play as per GIF diktat).
GSS will do well to remember tht only parent community can stand by him, if things go wrong - as they did for earlier heads...


Mr. GSS Rao is a very kind & respectable person.He is the most experienced as well.Lets all parents respect him to make the school a better place for our children.

to Vikas Bharti said...

Correction: Mr O V Joshi is more experienced than GSS Rao.

Also GSS name is literally unheard of in the educational field (compared to last principal who had track record). You can ask any cbse school heads in india. Some blog comments here said GSS is talking a bit rough towards students, I think it is from students. But he may be improving towards parents. No harm to give him a chance as we don't have other options anyway.