Friday, May 2, 2008

Place for Students' issues

[Dear Students, We have noted the contents of the comments posted by 'Infernus' on this blog, and the sentiments expressed therein. We had to then delete the actual text of your comments, mainly due to the "linguistic style" employed ;)

We certainly understand that, as students, you do have -
1. your own issues and concerns to resolve, and,
2. your own views you wish to air and discuss.

As regards the first (your burning issues), please bring them to the attention of your parents or teachers. Your goal should be to convince your parents to take up these issues on your behalf, and try to get them solved! As for the second part, the best way to air your views and discuss them with other students is by setting up your own blog. If you set up one and provide us the link, we will review and consider placing a link to your blog from this site.

We really don't mind an occasional direct contribution from students if it shows grasp and maturity (age is not the bar... but the developmental stage at which your faculties are, might be! But we also realize that there is no better way to develop than by expressing your ideas and engaging in discussions). As parents, we will only be proud to see a well-thought-through and well-expressed comment that eschews street language, on any topic that is of interest to the general parent community.

Remember, that our intention is never to smother your views. -Ed]

Issues Posted by Infernus:
(NEW: Restored sanitised summary, 04/05/2008).
1. Korean students are being allowed the use of a mobile phone but Indian students who need to reach home as late as 8 PM are held to the no-mobile policy. IB students are given privileges, and are allowed to tuck their shirt out, etc. This is discrimination.
2. Principal Mr GSS Rao is generally rude/unfair (towards students),etc.

Some friendly parental advice on how to raise your issues and get them the attention they deserve:
1. Please avoid personal attacks and instead, focus on the issue you want to draw attention to. Focus more on the 'what' and less on the 'who'.
2. Please avoid repeated use of adjectives such as 'stupid' which, all things considered, do not mean a thing and might turn people off and make them ignore you.
3. Please think it out in your head, before you start writing or presenting your issues.
[Dear Infernus, please bring your issues to your parents' attention. -Ed].
Good Luck!


Infernus said...

Fortunately,put in the principal's place,i'd be doing a better job.

Anyways,How does my opinion matter to you?After all i'm a timid 16 year old boy.

Even if i made a blog ( I am an avid blogger myself ) , not many of the students would read it. You know why? No one gives a damn.They're engrossed in their conformity and all they give a sh*t about is listening to bollywood music.

Anonymous said...

This is a parents blog.

The Infernus comments can/should be deleted.

Ed.#2 said...

Dear 'Anonymous' parent

I agree with your view. Thanks for your comment. The text from Infernus is now removed.

We are short of volunteer parents who are really helping with writing/editing or performing blog administration.

While we may step in from time to time, our policy states that:
You are responsible for your own comments.

temperate language said...

I did not see the comment by the student which is since deleted.

These are my views.

This is not a parents' blog. ( for a better GIIS- it takes all to do it).
It is equally correct to say that 'intemperate language' should not be allowed whether it is from a parent, student,teacher or the GIIS management.( we know that we have,unfortuantely no control ovetr the last named).Hence if the editors found something from ' infernus' objectionable and nasty, it is right that it is deleted. But I make a strong plea to be more permissible with the language of youngsters. The same views,ideas and theories that us elders would express in a ' sanitised' from would be put more forcefully by youngsters. So, in brief, allow the ideas, be slightly more permissible- only slightly- with the langauge used by youngsters.

The youngster's comment & criticism about our generation, his commentary on the ' bollywood' craze of his/her classmates/ schoolmates shows that he/she in an independent thinker. Let us not stifle such individual streaks of thought. If we do , we wil be doing the same mistake as the school the Indian system, the bureaucracy do.

At the same time, let us appeal to 'infernus' to write his/her views without using foul language or bad words.In fact, this may be a good opportunity to improve one's style of expression; how to communicate strong views without using foul langauge.

Infernus said...

I apologize for any offence taken for the language.

Anonymous said...

Infernus, we all learn from these experiences :) ...parents included.

MC said...

So much has been said about the use of inappropriate lang. by a student. Let's bring the focus back to the issues he/she mentioned.
1. The school should have one set of rules for ALL students. In many 'progressive' schools in Indian metros too, hand phones are allowed. However, they are to be switched off during school hours. If found to be on, they are confiscated. There are legitimate uses for the cell phone, and *ALL* secondary students should be given equal rights to the same.

2. Reg. the high-handedness of the Chief commandant (aka Principal), this is unfortunate. This seems to be the case with many Indian schools where parents are made to grovel in front of them for admissions and such. Infernus, you have raised an important point. Is the Principal so over-worked and stressed out that he cant communicate in a civil manner with the students ? Any ideas what parents can do ?

bef air said...

1.A total ban on handphone is like running away from the problem;IF handphone is a disturbance,why hsould teachers carry it inside the class? Some like the head of EC campus wear it like a pednant permanently! I have seen teachers supervising the examinatiosn even as they are busy talking in to their handsets!
2. As for the alleged rudeness of the principal, no maount of stress or overwork can jsutify rudeness; Partiality of being unfair, which is different from being rude, reflects someone's attitude. Stress can make one rude but stress can make a just person unfair!If somone is unfair or is seen to be unfair, he/she has to change for his/her own good.Otherwise they stand to lose respect from students

Infernus said...

This is my philosophy -

If you don't like something,change it.If you can't change it,don't complain,change your attitude.

In this case,i go for the former.

General Issue:-

The School contradicts itself ALL the time.

(1)Ironically,on the school's website,we've all seen all the crap like concentrating on every aspect and not just academics.
It's actually the other way round.
They fail to notice each child has hidden talent.All i see from this school is wasted potential.The future generation down the drain.What we need is a renaissance.An awakening which will see more Da Vincis,Galileos,Bhagat Singhs,Gandhis,and Michaelangelos.
Time has died for me.A country built on such strong anarchist and democratical grounds is now drowning in corruption and autocracy.In the Americas and Europe,the youth have woken up and taken a stand for the environment and against the nuke war.And what are the Indian youth doing?Dancing to bollywood music and idolizing MS Dhoni.

(2)No organized sports teams.What has GIIS achieved in sports and other talent competitions (Music etc.)?Zero.Zilch.They take pride in massive publicity stunts like the recent Zee TV and Mediacorp shows.And i guess all of you are frustrated by the fact that the ECA's are overcrowded.

Anyhow,What's the point of extracurricular activity when the child gains nothing from it?

Infernus said...

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new Dark Age." - H. P. Lovecraft

A parent said...

The captivating quotation above is probably alright for the purpose of the horror fiction it has given rise to - it tries to instill fear of the unknown. In real life, this is just another doctrine that calls for the numbing or destruction of the mind.

I would encourage all parents (as well as horror fans) to read about HP Lovecraft. To understand the work, you have to understand the writer !

right approach said...

The attempted reference or quote from H P Lovecraft by Infernus is just one more opinion, or shall we say a referred opinion.Nothing more. But look at other things on hand. We have been writing painstakingly and vigorously about a school management which by all accounts is guilty,given to unethical approach and opaque in its dealings.As a team of 3000+ parents, most of us well educated and aware of rights and responsibilities, we have not managed to elicit even a single positive response or reaction from the school. Now, compared to you and me, the students experience bias, inefficiency and poor quality every day at school. Given their age,maturity and awareness , is it fair on our part to pick holes in the arguements and comments of the youngsters?