Sunday, May 11, 2008

Teachers' Salary - Survey Results

We have now, a better idea of GIIS's pay scales for teachers, based on typical salaries paid to surveyed teachers. (Based on informal contact with several ex-teachers. Teachers holding EP (Employment Pass) were not approached for this survey).

What we find:

The seniority of the teacher (number of years of experience) makes some difference within each band, but salary generally fits into certain bands or ranges based on the level taught, i.e., KG / Primary / Secondary.

Monthly Salary Ranges (includes employee's CPF)
KG Teachers: ranges from $1250 to $1450. Typical figure is: $1300
Primary Teachers: ranges from $1500 to $1700
Secondary Teachers: ranges from $1600 to $1900, rarely touching $2000
Std XI, XII Teachers: ranges from $1800 to $2200, rarely touching $2500

Variable Pay: Additional to above, is variable pay = 20% of monthly salary.
20% of monthly pay is deducted as Variable Pay.
[Thanks to the ex-teacher, comment #3, for pointing it out the -20% and included CPF contribution]

[It is rumoured that a $50 pm salary raise was given to all teachers recently. If it is correct, it is only a 2 to 4% salary raise. These percentages are nowhere near the employee-related cost rises claimed by Kaustubh Bodhankar's high-handed fee hike announcement. -Ed.]

Dear Parents: How can we expect the school to recruit good teachers, or retain the better ones, if we pay only that much ?


Infernus said...

No chance of recruiting new teachers with that kinda pay.

Tell me,Why would a teacher who has been teaching at a top school in India,give up their job for a mere $1800 in Singapore?

As we already know,nearly all the "Teachers" in GIIS are housewives.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, EP holders must draw $ 2500 or more acc. to S'pore EP rules. It is stated above that teachers on EP were not included in this survey. So, what is the idea ?

I have no problem with a housewife becoming a teacher if they are well qualified and can teach my child well and care about the child's future. If they are happy with the salary and conditions why should I complain ?

u r more generous said...

As a former teacher of GIIS who had worked there for 40 + months, I must say that though your figures are close to truth, you are more generous than GIIS. That is, you are giving us/them 200 to 300 dollars more that what is real!
Secondly, the salary indicated includes 20% of variable pay (which was snatched away from the salary during 2005-06) and 14 to 20% of PF. That is we were getting at the end of the month I was getting 60 to 66 % ( 100- 20% of Variable pay - 14 or 20% of PF)of the 1400 S$ that was promised to me as salary. So, it was around 920 dollars after a further deduction of 7 dollars for SINDA. Of course, there was free pick up and drop. And concession for child’s education. In my case it was unutilised and it was not encashable.
I do not wish to offer any more views on this. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

What is the comment about 20% of variable pay being 'snatched away' in 2005-2006 ? Can any teacher or ex teacher pls clarify what that practice is ?

authenticate said...

Good work. A suggestion.To nail the lie of people like Justice Dharmadhikari and to prove to all the parents that ALL this is the Truth and nothing but the Truth,can you get some of the teachers who have left and hence may not be afraid of the GIF and GIIS management to declare through the columns of this blog their salary drawn when they were at GIIS ( or whatever name it had when they worked there)along with their name and period of work etc., This may be difficult but worth trying. This will also induce teachers to get in to the habit of standing up for truth,honesty and promote good values

Premkumar said...

GIIS management was never keen to pay the teachers, but willing to spend lavishly on themselves. I know for sure that ex Principal of GIIS Malaysia left the organisation in disgust as both Mr.Atul and Justice Dharmadhikari flatly refused to consider a mere 50 ringgits as increment to the teachers who have completed one year service. The teachers were paid on an average only about 1500 ringgits. We parents have to really exert a lot of pressure on the management to pay the staff better to ensure better education for our kids.

Anonymous said...

I wish to know whether GIIS Malaysia (both campuses) have class ix, x, xi and xii and if they have, whether teachers are good.

What is the class strength as i saw in an earlier comment that classes are overcrowded.

Would appreciate if anyone can help me in this regard.

Premkumar said...

Malaysia had class IX in last academic year. From April it has class X. There are n't two campuses like what we have in Singapore. There is a primary school in one campus and a secondary school in a nearby campus. That too only from April. Malaysian parents made a lot of noise about crowded classes. Indian parents as usual put up with the inconveniences.

late payment said...

Enquiries reveal that the salary for the month of April was paid as late as 8th May. Teachers and other staff were put to terrible inconvenience. Financial mismanagement, total disregard for employee welfare and lack of basic systems and processes has become the hallmark of GIIS. Does MoM get into complaints of this nature?

teachers must check it said...

Can a teacher please clarify whether salary is paid by bank transfer or by cheques to hand ? Fees is taken from us by GIRO on exact date. So what is the difficulty for GIIS to pay teachers? They need to explain it. Teachers, your CPF payment to CPF Board cannot be delayed as there are govt rules on that. MoM will also look into salary delay but if teachers do not report it to MOM how will they know? You have a right to refuse post dated cheques. In normal CBSE schools there will be PTA and teacher representatives are part of it so they can notify the PTA head. Here there is no PTA, so GIF has complete license to abuse it. But you should have the matter on record if such things happen even once. Hope it does not happen again.

Anonymous said...

Vice-Principal urges students of 12th standard to take Tuitions from the Chemistry teacher Mrs.Latha ( the same teacher who is partly responsible for the ignominious results achieved by the school in the recent CBSE 12th Board exams).

The teacher has told the prospective students who will join her, that she will give the questions for the July exams BEFOREHAND,if they join tuitions with her.

The tuitions are to be conducted in her house, AND THESE ARE THE PROMISES GIVEN TO PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS. July Exams are conducted for students who are weak in that subject.

She might even promise that she will get some question papers for the boards beforehand, to entice students!!!!!!

Just one question - if the school teacher is good why should the students take tuitions outside - all the more stupid, why should they go to the same teacher and pay her again to improve in that subject ?

And even if the school wants to help the child, should they not organise these extra classes, in the premises of the school and pay the teacher extra to help students during the holidays.

Why should the students be penalised to pay for classes from the same teacher???

I am completely shocked & speechless when I heard that Mr.Joshi has asked the students to go to tuitions for Chemistry specifically from the same teacher.

Parents should think before they put their children under these teachers, as they will end up with results like last years.

This cannot be said of all teachers, as other teachers (such as Maths, Accounts, Economics)have not called the students for tuitions for the impending July Exams.

Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deva, as they say. Luckily, Deva is after Guru, so that Parents and Children can be saved from Gurus like Mr.Joshi and Mrs.Latha.

I hope the School Management does take action and help parents.

Anonymous said...

You should count for the kids fee subsidy and transport subsidy provided to teachers. I guess this should be worth at least $200-250.

Also i am told that the registrationand other charges are waived off for kids whose parents are teachers.

Anonymous said...

re: above. Kids fee 'subsidy' (it is not subsidy but really discount in fees) is only given if the teacher puts the kid in GIIS itself. There are teachers who have put their kids elsewhere (for reason best known to them).. they are given nothing. So you know it is not really 'subsidy' it is just a spin on the words.

On the other end there are some teachers who have put 2 kids in GIIS. Now, do they get 2x the benefit ? It depends on the 'product' being given to them at a discount. Will they be willing to buy it at the full quoted price ? That is a very debatable point...

It is like, if you go to work in a McDonalds you can have food at subsidized price, but only if you buy from them.