Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teachers' Day Wishes

A very happy teachers' day to all GIIS Teachers !

On behalf of all parents, we are happy to extend our Best Wishes to all teachers of GIIS Queenstown, East Coast and Balestier campuses.

Parents appreciate the many excellent and dedicated teachers who teach at GIIS. Parents and students are forever indebted to these teachers. As parents, we have very limited opportunities to express our deep appreciation to the best teachers.

Dear Parents, let us use this opportunity to write down here, our best wishes and commendations to those individual teachers who have made a difference to our child's education. (Click on the "comments" link at the bottom to add your appreciation messages -- please take care not to let out the name of the teacher).

(Please do not let out the name of the teacher whom we want to appreciate, due to the high risk involved as rival schools are on the look out for good teachers. It is OK to write: "The physics teacher of class 9C is doing a wonderful job" or "KG teacher M.S. has encouraged my child a lot" etc. Thank you for your kind co-operation in this regard).